Ukraine is an eastern outpost of Europe

It has long been no secret that Europe is going through decline and all attempts of local activists to stop this process still in vain. World analysts continue to lead the debate on "Wherefrom the salvation of Europe would come". Many of them expecting the beginning of the European liberation struggle from the south of Balkan peninsula, many of Europeans believed that Greece is the cradle of European nationalism, they looked at the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn with hope. We would like to express sincere condolences for Golden Dawn due to unsatisfactory results of the parliamentary elections in Greece. This party gave realy great hopes and confidence.

No one could ever expect that such huge and sudden mental explosion can happen in Eastern Europe, in a poor and miserable country and this explosion will change the whole world. Very bad man was the ruler of this country, a robber, a criminal, betrayer of the national interests, he just spitting on his people, it seems like ordinary and "normal" thing for any of post-USSR countries. No one was interested in those boring demonstrations with flags and banners they are everywhere and do not bear any progress. However, another demonstration under the name of "Maidan" became sacred significance after he was decorated by Molotov cocktails, homemade weapons, trebuchets and uncontrollable desire to fight for own National dignity.

Ukrainians are descendants of one of the most rebellious and irrepressible peoples of the world, Maidan was just reminder of this fact. Reminder of the fact that they are stronger than a few thousands of cop batons or rubber bullets. But no one expect for this in the beginning, even Ukrainians themselves ...

για περισσότερα στον σύνδεσμο εδώ ...

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