Free Kobus Pretorius ! Free Boer prisoners !

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  1. Ανώνυμος21/8/12 1:16 π.μ.

    "The imperial repression isn’t racist, because it strikes without distinction all volk of southern Africa. The Empire has maintained its unity upsetting the whole area demographically, importing cheap labour, and promoting false nationalisms and ideologies that serve this purpose: various forms of white nationalism, black nationalism, and communism.
    Southern Africa must be taken out of the hands of the capitalism-communism, and returned to all volk that historically* inhabit it. One of these volk is white, and African: the Boer volk."

    *Οταν λεει ιστορικα, απο ποια χρονολογια εννοει; Ηταν γηγενεις πληθυσμοι; Μου φαινεται περιεργο.